Free Fall Course

The Basic Free Fall Course starts with The Static Line Training Program and is one of two ways to learn how to skydive. It is safe, simple and effective, and has put thousands of adventure seekers into the skies………….

Training begins in the morning with ground School . The static line course will take approximately six to eight hours to complete. The course consist of lectures and practical instruction. No written tests. Your first jump will hopefully be on the same day as the training course, weather permitting.

On the first jump, your main parachute opens automatically (via static line) after you exit solo from the airplane at 3,500 feet. Under a jump masters supervision, you steer your  “square” parachute to a soft landing.

Key to safety, during subsequent jumps, you are introduced to true freefall and how to control your body and skydive safely with others. After a minimum of seven static line jumps, which must include four satisfactory practice ‘Dummy’ ripcord pulls, you are cleared for your first 3 second freefall. After your first freefall you will make at least 20 additional supervised freefall jumps and from progressively higher altitudes and longer free falls and with more stringent guidelines. You will learn skills such as altitude awareness, manoeuvring in freefall and jumping safely with others.

At the end of the program you are certified as a ‘Novice parachutist’. You have to jump every 28 days to stay in the programme and stay ‘current’ (Parachute Association of SA regulations). A refresher course has to be completed if you waited more than 28 days. After 3 months the course has to be started again.

Requirements for the introductory jumps

Being an adrenaline junkie helps…
There is a maximum weight limit of 100kgs
You will require parental consent if you are under the age of 18
The minimum age is sixteen

Free Fall Course Option 1 – R1890

Ground Training
First Jump
First Jump Certificate

Free Fall Course Option 2 – R2790

Full instruction and training for your first jump
All equipment rental and repacking costs for 3 jumps
A certificate once you have performed your first jump
A logbook to record your jump and packing history

The courses takes place in Bloemfontein. All equipment and parachutes will be provided.

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