Parachute Packing Course – Square – (Main & Reserve)
Date: 1 Oct 2018 to 26 Oct 2018
Place: 49 Du Plessis Avenue, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein

4 Weeks

Learning Program Purpose
The Aim of the Programme is to equip the Learner with the necessary knowledge and Skills to Pack and Inspect Square Main and Square Reserve parachutes – Conventional Packing method.

Subjects Covered
Introduction to Packing
Technical data
List of Components
Care and maintenance
Packing procedure
Layout of the parachute
Inspection of the parachute
4-line Check
Folding the canopy
Clearing the stabilizers
Setting Deployment Brakes
Flaking the Tail
Stowing the Slider
Stowing the canopy
Stowing the suspension lines
Placing the bag into the Container
Closing the Container
The Complete Assembly

Entry Requirements
The Learner must be Proficient in English.
The Learner must be a Volunteer.
The Learner must be medically fit

Minimum Candidates
The Instructor Student Ratio will be 1:12. The number of Learners will depend on the number of parachutes and Packing table available for packing.

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