Parachute Riggers – Repairs & Maintenance
Date: 7 May 2018 to 1 Jun 2018
Place: 49 Du Plessis Avenue, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein

4 Weeks

Learning Program Purpose
The Aim of the Programme is to equip the Learner with the necessary knowledge and Skills to do Minor repairs on parachutes.

Subjects Covered
Introduction to Minor Repairs
List of components (Hand tools)
Different sewing machines
Sewing machines (Identify components)
Sewing theory
Installing the Needle
Machine maintenance
The Parachute Workshop (Outlay)
Different fabrics
Repair techniques
Seam re-stitching (Round and Square canopies)
Canopy ripstop tape repair
Basic patch (Round and square canopies)
Main line replacement
Control line replacement
Crossport repair
Trim check and retrim
Container grommet replacement
Steering toggle Velcro replacement
Container Velcro replacement
Container Fabric panel repair
Final Evaluation by Master Rigger

Entry Requirements
The Learner must be Proficient in English.
The Learner must be a Volunteer.
The Learner must have completed the Basic Packing course for Round and Square parachutes.
The Learner must be medically fit

Minimum Candidates
The Instructor Student Ratio will be 1:4. The number of Learners will depend on the number of parachutes and sewing machines available for repairs.

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