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The act of parachuting, which involves throwing oneself into space is not a natural act. The parachute is a means of transport and many use this vehicle every day. With proper training from Chute Systems it becomes a simple and normal performance and not a daring stunt.


Parachute Training Enterprises t/a Chute Systems opened its doors in 2003 by a core group of retired South African Paratroopers and Special Forces Operators. They all have extensive military and operational experience gained from practical experience in various theatres of war. Chute Systems is a South African Company and consists of specialist Airborne Training, Parachute and Parachute Related Equipment and Military Equipment Supply divisions. Chute Systems is geared to deliver a holistic service to their Clients.


Our objective is to develop the Chute Systems “Brand” into the most effective independent outsourced Military Specialist Training service to the market at an affordable rate in an industry where quality comes at a high price at the top end of the market, while cheap services are available at the bottom end of the market. Chute Systems endeavors to differentiate itself from the plethora of competitors. We pride ourselves in the areas of excellence, relating to our Superior Customer Care Program:

  • By developing on-going programs for the creation and development of a service orientated customer focused mind-set throughout the organization.
  • We endeavour to develop an on-going business strategy that focuses in Specialized Airborne, Special Forces Training and providing quality Combat Tactical Gear, Parachutes and Parachute related equipment to our Customers.
  • To become the Centre of Excellence for Military Parachute Training on the African Continent, by remaining on the cutting edge of Parachute Technology and creating Parachute Training Infrastructure.



We aim to be the preferred Privately Outsourced Paratrooper and Special Forces Operator Training Service Provider in the world. We endeavor to deliver a Holistic Service to our clients.


To present specialized Airborne and Military Training to Paratroopers and Special Forces Operators.


We pride ourselves in our Commitment to Customer Care, Professionalism in our Field, Pride in our Appearance and Passion for our Profession.


We are committed to delivering on promises made to our clients and delivering a service that exceeds customer expectations.



Given the value that is added to our product, Chute Systems remains competitively priced and value for money.


Training is our core business function and we pride ourselves in being the best at what we do.


Great Customer service begins with committed leadership. If we do nothing else, our employees are encouraged to demonstrate that in their lives, the customer really is king. We do what it takes to put our customers first. We believe that yesterday’s standards are history and that continued success comes from the continued improvement of everything that happens in our organization. The way we make it happen is by encouraging our people to ask themselves everyday ‘What have I done that is different and better? What will I change tomorrow?


We base our instruction on many years of practical experience and we plough this back into our training, therefor we have an exceptional high pass rate. We really go the extra mile with all our students to ensure they understand before moving on to the next subject. Our study materials are world class and we do regular independent quality control audits. We encourage our students to be lifetime learners.


We have adopted a positive attitude about managing and training in an African Style, by developing cross cultural awareness and learning about other people’s customs. We are from Africa, Africa and its people are in our blood, therefor who better to train your Soldiers? We believe customer views are the only reality. So we pay close attention to what they say, we try to walk in their shoes and stand on their side of the fence.


Chute Systems endeavours to procure the best instructors in the market, therefore we can boast that we probably have the most experienced and respected instructors in the world at any one time.


When customers complain we have a special opportunity to:

  • Fix the problem and keep them happy, and
  • Learn something that will help us improve our service.

So instead of avoiding complaints, we encourage feedback, so that we can analyze situations, discuss them with our teams and turn them into our advantage.


Our Instructors know when and if they can’t deliver, they must own up, and not try and avoid the situation. We value honesty and as such expect our Instructors to explain to the customer why they can’t do what was promised or what was expected. Then talk about the alternatives.


Customers are individuals and they are all different, all special. We recognize and respect their unique needs and wants so that we can build long-term friendships with them. This way we are building our business, one relationship at a time.


A business deal is never over; it is just a stepping stone to the next opportunity, a bridge to the future. From the moment we first meet a customer, we start to work on the sale of the next. We do whatever it takes to create and cement a lifetime of friendship.


We teach our Instructors to be pro-active about problems and that the best time to fix a problem is when you find out about it, because after that things go down-hill.


Operations focuses on building effective customer relations, which requires a cohesive integrated structure that facilitates a companywide view of the customer and is designed to enable rapid change of attitude. We plan and prepare for our next courses at least 12 months ahead of time to ensure Instructor and Equipment availability.


Chute Systems endeavors to stay on the cutting edge of rapidly changing technology. Instructors are sent on regular workshops, seminars and refresher training courses. Only the latest cutting edge technology is used and can be considered an added value service.



The Company is uniquely positioned as the only Private Airborne Training Company with retired Paratroopers and Special Forces Operators geared to present a professional and holistic training service to the African Market. Notwithstanding this, Chute Systems remains small enough for the owners to give personalized attention to all its customers. Direct access to the owners of the company is regarded by the market place as a competitive advantage.


Chute Systems has a Quality Management System in place and is audited independently from time to time. From a client perspective, these standards are important and have the following auditable criteria:

  • The requirement of the Company to demonstrate its ability to provide consistent products and services that meets the customer’s requirements.
  • The Requirement to address and measure customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.
  • The inclusion of processes for continual improvement and the prevention of non-conformity.
  • Demonstrate its ability to provide a consistent product that meets customer and applicable requirements.
  • To address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement and the prevention of non-conformity.

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